2012 Iditarod Summer Camp for Educators: June 24-July 2

The 2012 Iditarod Summer Camp for Educators begins June 24 – July 2, 2012 at Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla. This year’s 9-day camp has drawn 26 educators from all regions of the U.S. (19 states) and Germany. The six main goals of the summer camp are to: provide each educator with the knowledge and the opportunity to learn and experience Alaska; provide a learning environment that inspires the educator to use best practices of teaching and learning; demonstrate that technology based instruction impacts teaching and learning; encourage the Iditarod as a teaching theme and a lifelong interest; create a community of learners; and to provide the educators with “special” opportunities that relate to the Last Great Race on Earth®. The educators will begin their summer camp at the Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla, Alaska on Sunday, June 24 and then depart for Iditarod Veterans, Vern Halter & Susan Whiton’s Dream A Dream Dog Farm in Willow, Alaska for several days of learning what it takes to raise and train K9 athletes. The group will participate in daily dog chores, go on nature hikes with puppies, learn about veterinarian care, and experience life at a dog kennel. The next days are spent in the Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage visiting a variety of sites such as the Alaska Native Heritage Center and enjoying speakers and sessions that will provide information about the Iditarod and learning about cutting edge techniques to impact and create content driven curriculum. Educators will meet Jona and Jon Van Zyle and enjoy an exclusive visit to their dog kennel and home, Pam Flowers, Arctic Explore and past Iditarod musher, and others. Asset/Character Education, team building, and leadership skills provide campers with opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Educators will also attend the 2012 Volunteer Picnic and 2013 Musher Sign-Up event on Saturday, June 30. ExxonMobil is the partner in bringing Iditarod educational opportunities that strengthen math, science, engineering, and technology skills in classrooms around the world.


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