Dog Power: The Inspiring Story of Dog-Powered Sports

Team Captain of USA, Kale Casey, has started an incredible project with an incredible mission: to share dog-powered sports with people across the world.

Here is his KICKSTARTER campaign:

Summary: Elevating the Dog Human ConnectionDog Power. It’s a passion shared. Dozens of dog breeds, men, women, young, old, world-class athletes from all nationalities and athletes with disabilities are taking to the world’s landscapes and shattering the horizon.

This is the first film in a series that will take you to the frontier of sled dog sports and introduce you to the world’s fastest sprint sled dogs, their human teammates, and the incredible variety of dog-powered sports they are involved in.

You will meet a diverse group of dogs and humans who share a common passion for living, working, and playing together in the ultimate manifestation of the human-animal bond. Thousands of mushers from over one hundred countries participate year-round in canicross, scootering, bikejoring, cart racing, skijoring, sprinting, and distance sled racing.

From Budapest, Hungary to Adelaide, South Australia to Bogota, Columbia, dog lovers have formed clubs and are posting exciting pictures and stories about their dog-powered events on social media. Until now, knowledge of the people, dogs, and the possibilities of dog power has been relatively inaccessible to the average dog lover.

We are making this groundbreaking movie series because we believe that people across the world deserve to know more. The world of dog-powered sports has never been so close to being accessible to people everywhere.

We are asking for your support so that together we can help bring dog-powered sports to people and dogs all across this beautiful planet.