Main Leader Female Born 2014 52 lbs Koyuk (Hayashida/Buser) x Mudslide (Haltman/Hayashida) Breeder: Hall “The feisty and head strong main lead who has single led the team through more races then could be counted on her paw.”Leader Female Born 2016  50 lbs  Zirkle and Ulsom lines “Outstanding driven leader. Fits into any place in the team. She is a boss lady and has a lot to say to whomever is running with her.” Main Leader Male Born 2017 60 lbs Carhartt (Little/Mackey) x Bolt (Hayashida/Buser/Swingley) Breeder: Hall “A single pup born to be the greatest. He has the drive, sure headedness and dedication that makes for our number one lead dog.”Wheel Female Born 2015 50 lbs Champ (Little) x Gulo (Mackey) Breeder: Hall “The steadfast team mama who is always there when you need her.  She has birthed and raised the H litter into up-and-coming stars.”Lead/Swing Male Born 2017 68 lbs Koyuk (Buser/Hayashida/Swingley) x Sansa  Breeder:Hall. “The first dog up and screaming his ‘Lets’ Go!’song after every team rest, our cheerleader. His energy couples with confidence, making him one of the best leads on the team and as Dyeas’ best lead partner.”Team Male Born 2017 65 lbs Ace x Goblin (Breeder:Hall) “Aces’ son and the reliable force keeping the team focused and moving to our next checkpoint.”Lead/Swing Male Born 2017 50 lbs Ace x Goblin (Breeder: Hall) “One of the lead dogs bringing the team into Nome last year. He has the kind heart and calm confidence that can always be counted on in the A team.”Lead/Swing Female Born 2017 48 lbs Ace x Goblin (Breeder: Hall) “A tank of a little female, Gouda’s sister and favorite running partner to everyone on the team. This gal has never seen a scrap in her life and fits the position of co-lead well.”Team Female Born 2019 64 lbs Loki x Cougar (Breeder:Hall) “Her grandmother Gulo’s shadow and daughter to Cougar, she’s all focus in her movements, on and off the team.”Wheel Female Born 2019 50 lbs Loki x Cougar (Breeder:Hall) “She is the slowest to mature out of the H litter but now has the most successes. This little girl has never been dropped from a race and hasn’t missed a race in two years.”Team Female Born 2019 64 lbs Loki x Cougar (Hall) “Havok lives up to her name. Always in trouble when loose in the yard. She gives Bestie a run for her money for “alpha” when it comes to boss women to the other team mates.”Team Female Born 2019 63 lbs Loki x Cougar (Hall) “She’s our newest found leader. Graduated to single lead this very winter, she has a bright future in our team.” Team  Male Born 2017 70 lbs Nike x Black Jack (Hall) “This guy can pull a sled through anything. His super power is his happy howl. This man will sing a tune anytime there is a chance to run.”Team Female Born 2015 51 lbs Sivo (Reitan)x Bailey (King) Breeder: Joar Leifseth Ulsom “Her super power is invisibility. She’s always there and never a problem. She’s a dog that gives her heart to the job, 110 percent of the time.”Lead/Swing Female Born 2018 52 lbs Britt x Jesus  “A true leader at heart. Always watching boss man. I’ve never opened a door or walked into the yard without a “whooo-whooo” howl coming from this lady.” Main leader Female Born 2017 50 lbs Britt x Bisson “Fastest leader in the books. We call her our ‘fast and furious’ monster.”

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