Smokin’ Aces

Main Leader Female Born 2014 52 lbs Koyuk (Hayashida/Buser) x Mudslide (Haltman/Hayashida) Breeder: Hall “The feisty and head strong main lead who has single led the team through more races then could be counted on her paw.”

Meet the Super Dogs of Matt Hall's Smokin' Aces Kennel.

Kennel Spotlight: Alaskan Wildstyle Racing Kennel of Aaron Burmeister

Kennel Spotlight Alaskan Wildstyle Mushing

Aaron Burmeister, 45, was born and raised into a mushing family in Nome. Both parents were immersed in dog mushing and became involved in running dogs through Howard Farley in the early 1970s. “I grew up raising and racing dogs,” said Aaron. His father Richard raced the Fur Rendezvous World Championships in Anchorage and Iditarod […]

Famous Feet: Reef of Dallas Seavey’s Kennel

Reef is pictured with Dallas Seavey's niece Allikz at the finish of the 2015 Iditarod, Reef's second Iditarod victory.

“When I first picked up the wiggling newborn in June 2011 the only remarkable thing about him was the abundance of energy that seemed to course through him and spark from every limb. As all mushers do in those first moments holding a newborn, I wondered what he might become. It was a given that […]

Famous Feet: Rocky of Aaron Burmeister’s kennel

Aaron Burmeister and his dog Rocky, at the Iditarod finishline in 1996.

In this edition we feature a dog who is no longer with us, but helped Iditarod musher Aaron Burmeister to become the musher and person he is today. In his own words, Aaron talks about his dog Rocky. Rocky was out of our old breed of dogs, going back many generations back.  I was 13-years-old […]

Kennel Spotlight: Alix Crittenden and Frank Teasley

Alix Crittenden And Frank Teasley

In this edition of Mushing Magazine, we feature the sled dogs of Alix Crittenden and Frank Teasley. Fielding a top team in the annual Wyoming Stage Stop Race and other world-renowned sprint races, Alix and Frank share the story of their cooperative effort with Mushing Magazine. MM: What is the name of your kennel and […]

Famous Feet: Silver of Wild and Free Kennel

Brent Sass and Silver at their homestead in Eureka, in 2014.

In each magazine we highlight one particular dog that has gained fame and glory beyond its own kennel. In this edition, we celebrate Silver out of Brent Sass’ Wild and Free Kennel.  “To put it simply, Silver changed my life! In 2002 I was out skiing on some local trails in Fairbanks when a dog […]

Brent Sass lives Wild and Free

brent sass lives wild and free

This racing season, Brent Sass and his dog team claimed the third Yukon Quest victory and a fourth place finish in the Iditarod. Sass, 40, operates the Wild and Free Kennel consisting of 60 dogs in the wilderness of Alaska. Sass grew up in Minnesota, graduated high school there and then came to Alaska to […]

Famous Feet: Tanner of Mitch Seavey’s kennel

Tanner of Mitch Seavey's kennel

Tanner won the 2013 Iditarod, but more than winning the race and running the Iditarod trail multiple times, he was instrumental in successfully navigating what Mitch Seavey has described has the most extreme and difficult run in his 50-plus years of mushing. Below, Seavey describes the last leg of the Iditarod in 2014, a notoriously […]

Robert Cooke’s Shaytaan Siberian Huskies

HOME OF THE SHAYTAAN SIBERIANS— Rob Cooke and his Siberians live on Annie Lake Road outside of Whitehorse, Canada.

Robert Cooke and his Siberians have been part of many major long distance races in Canada and Alaska. In this edition Mushing Magazine features his dogs in the Super Dogs section. In order to provide context and gain insight in Cooke’s operation, please read the following interview with Cooke conducted via email.  Mushing Magazine: What […]

Famous Feet: Maddie of Shaytaan Kennels


I have never had one of those dogs that has saved my life, knows instinctively where the ice on a lake is weakest and dragged the team away from it; the leader who has, when the team has plunged through rotten ice, single-pawedly, pulled the entire team to safety; a Gus of Iron Will, an […]

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