Buddy Streeper Interview part 3

Buddy Streeper Interview part 3:

Mushing Magazine emailed Buddy Streeper a set of questions for the purpose of an article for this edition that covers his kennel's successes in the Rondy and Open North American Championships. We aimed to get an in-depth understanding of Streeper Kennels, their set up, their philosophy and their dogs. As a result, Buddy sent us a recording that answered the questions and thus, here are Buddy's answers for our readers' and listener's pleasure. There are four parts to this interview, with part 4 being posted next week.

Here are the questions Buddy answers in this installment

* How do you split up your teams between you and Lina? Do you have an A and B team or do you make them even? Do the drivers predominantly train the same dogs or do you have one training regiment that every driver follows in your kennel thus allowing for dogs then to be placed in A, B or C teams?

* Does running dogs with your wife ever cause marital strife?

* Now that the Streeper kennel has dominated the sprint and stage races, what is there left for you to achieve? What are your future goals in the near and distant future?

* To challenge your expertise and top dogmanship, would you be interested in running long distance races?

* Who is your all-time mushing idol that you strive to emulate?



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