Buddy Streeper Interview part 2

Buddy Streeper Interview part 2:

Mushing Magazine emailed Buddy Streeper a set of questions for the purpose of an article for this edition that covers his kennel's successes in the Rondy and Open North American Championships. We aimed to get an indepth understanding of Streeper Kennels, their set up, their philosophy and their dogs. As a result, Buddy sent us a recording that answered the questions and thus, here are Buddy's answers for our readers' and listener's pleasure. There are four parts to this interview, with part 3 being posted next week.

Here are the questions Buddy answers in this installment:

* How does it work when you load up the trailer with family, kids and dogs and travel across the country to races. Please describe the effort it takes for our readers.  Are the feeding, resting and training stops all part of a meticulously planned journey? How do the younger dogs respond to the travel routine? At what age do you start taking them on the road?

* Do you have a pet dog that gets do come along when you travel?

* What is your draw to run the longer stage stop races coming from a sprint background?

* What do you like about them and what challenges does it present to run a longer stage stop race with dogs you want to compete with and win ONAC, Rondy and The Pas?

* What made you decide to come back to the Rondy?

* How did you deal with losing to Roxy Wright in the 2017 Rondy and ONAC? Do you have any insight on what Roxy and Arleigh did differently from your program? Did the second place result motivate you? What did you do different the next year, which resulted in sweeping the Rondy and the ONAC?

* Why did you not run the Wyoming Stage stop?



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