Buddy Streeper Interview part 1

Mushing Magazine emailed Buddy Streeper a set of questions for the purpose of an article for this edition that covers his kennel's successes in the Rondy and Open North American Championships. We aimed to get an indepth understanding of Streeper Kennels, their set up, their philosophie and their dogs. As a result, Buddy sent us a recording that answered the questions and thus, here are Buddy's answers for our readers' and listener's pleasure. There are four parts to this interview, with part 2 being posted next week.

Here are the questions Buddy answers in this installment:

Mushing Magazine questions to Buddy Streeper

* For context, please describe for our readers your kennel, size, how many dogs you have, who and how many people work to feed, maintain and train the dogs. Where are you located and on how many acres does your dog yard and your training take place?

* Tell us about Fort Nelson, how rural it is, are there other dog kennels, what is the weather like in summer and winter, is that a traditional sled dog community? Are you a celebrity in your home town? Or are they indifferent to sled dog racing? Just give us a feel of your hometown, please.

* Tell us a bit about your family and who all is involved in your life with dogs? How many handlers do you employ?

* How do you make a living? Is dog racing, race winnings and sponsorship deals enough to run your operation?

* What does a typical day look like in your kennel in summer (off season) and how does it change once training in harness starts? What is a typical routine in the winter?

* Describe your training at home, when you start, do you start by running them a certain time or distance? What is your longest distance run at home.


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